Essential Digital Nomad Tools, Tech & Reviews

By Robert C. L.

According to veteran digital nomad Marie Johnson, “The right tech tools are absolutely…

… critical to working efficiently and staying connected on the road.” 

As a digital nomad, you need the best gear, apps, and tech to maximize productivity and streamline your lifestyle.

The difference between struggling and thriving abroad often boils down to having the right toolkit.

This guide will explore must-have tech and online tools for digital nomads.

You’ll discover how to build a robust mobile office, collaborate seamlessly, stay secure, and automate tasks through technology.

Read on to learn the top-rated digital nomad tools to enable your location-independent career.


What are the essential digital nomad tools?

To get started, the essential digital nomad tools include a reliable laptop, a virtual private network (VPN)…

… for secure connections, cloud storage for seamless data access, collaboration tools…

… for teamwork, and noise-canceling headphones for enhanced focus.

These tools empower nomads to work remotely, ensuring…

… productivity, connectivity, and adaptability to various work environments. (1)

Must-Have Tech for Digital Nomads

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Work Essentials

Reliable Laptop and High-Speed Internet Connection

Choosing a powerful laptop with long battery life is crucial for productivity.

Prioritize speed, performance, weight and durability when selecting your model.

Research internet speeds in destinations ahead of time.

Have backup options like portable WiFi hotspots in case of weak connections.

A strong internet connection enables participation in video calls, quick file transfers and reliable remote access to work systems.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN provides a secure, encrypted connection when…

… accessing public WiFi networks, shielding you from potential cyber threats.

It also lets you bypass geolocation restrictions and access content not available in your current country.

Leading options like ExpressVPN offer fast speeds, strict no-logging policies and servers worldwide.

Cloud Storage

Relying solely on your own device’s limited storage capacity is risky.

Use secure, reliable cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox…

… to backup important files and access them from anywhere.

Some key features include document editing capabilities, high storage allotments…

… and easy sharing/syncing across devices.

Collaboration Tools

Tools like Slack, Asana and Trello facilitate team communication, task management…

… and project coordination regardless of time zone or location.

Their mobile apps enable quick access and response while on the go.

Smooth collaboration is vital for productive remote work.

Video Conferencing Software

Platforms like Zoom, Skype and Google Meet are essential for meetings and calls with clients worldwide.

Evaluate options based on call quality, ease of use, recording capabilities…

… and advanced features like screen sharing or virtual backgrounds.

Reliable video chat fosters better relationships.

Time Tracking Software

Apps like Toggl, Harvest or Timely automatically record tasks completed and time spent.

This data helps analyze productivity, identify inefficiencies and estimate project timelines when working independently abroad.

Integrations with other tools provide insights.

Lifestyle Essentials

Essential Digital Nomad Tools

Sound-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones from brands like Bose, Sony or Sennheiser block outside noise so you can focus better.

Look for comfy on-ear styles that duck ambient sounds and have long battery life.

Clear sound is important for calls and tunes.

Language Translation App

Apps like Google Translate let you instantly change text, voice clips, pictures and more between over 100 tongues.

This helps talk to people abroad, from reading signs to chatting with locals.

Downloading language packs lets you translate offline too.

Portable Battery Pack

A small, high-power battery pack guarantees you can charge gadgets anywhere without low-battery worries.

Key things to note are how big the battery is, how many charging spots there are, how quickly it powers devices, and extras like built-in cords.

Brands like Anker give enough power to recharge your phone and more toys even when outlets are scarce.

Travel Wireless Router

A little portable router lets you make your own secure wireless network wherever.

Hook the router to an existing wi-fi spot, then multiple toys can get stronger, faster internet through the encrypted network it makes.

This gives consistent connections when wifis are finicky and lets you wirelessly print or stream shows.

Digital Nomad Gear and Equipment

Luggage and Bags

Suitcase, Carry-On Bag, and Backpacks

Choose luggage like a durable suitcase with smooth wheels and a lightweight carry-on bag for flights.

Maintain mobility with compact backpacks for day use.

Consider features like lockability, capacity, weight and design when selecting models tailored to your needs.

Travel Wallet and Reusable Grocery Bags

Stay organized on the go with a slim travel wallet for documents and a small crossbody purse for valuables.

Use reusable grocery bags to limit waste; many fold up compactly.

Proper storage while moving around frequently is a must.


Essential Digital Nomad Tools 2

Laptop, Smartphone, and Accessories

Your laptop, smartphone, chargers, headphones and other daily electronics are essentials.

Protect them in a padded travel case or backpack with designated compartments.

Bring outlet adapters for various countries.

Keeping devices charged and secure is vital.

Camera, Power Adapter, and Extension Cord

Capture travel memories with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

A multi-country power adapter allows using electronics globally.

An extension cord enables charging devices conveniently in accommodations with limited outlets.

Other Essentials

Digital Nomad Insurance, Travel Accessories, and Safety Items

Specialized remote worker insurance protects health and gear worldwide.

Pack travel aids like TSA-compliant toiletries, lightweight scarf or sarong, and mini first aid kit.

Essential safety items include a money belt, passport holder, and small lock for securing belongings.

Reviews and Recommendations

Top 10 Tools for Digital Nomaders

Traveling the globe to work takes the right tools.

These 10 can help make your trip much easier: 

  • Google Meet – This free video chat helps nomaders join online meetings from anywhere they may be. Crystal clear calls let you stay in touch on the go. 
  • Trello – Great for managing plans, Trello helps nomaders sort tasks, clients, teammates, and schedules on boards and lists. Its simple design keeps all your projects on track wherever you work in the world. 
  • Google Drive – Cloud storage from Drive makes sure nomaders always have documents from each device. With 15GB free, Drive syncs files across different work areas. 
  • Wise Money Transfer – Sending and getting money across borders is no hassle with low-cost Wise. Digital nomaders save time and money on the road with Wise’s fair rates and tiny fees. 
  • TeamViewer Remote Desktop – When you can’t rely on laptops or internet, remote access is valuable. TeamViewer lets you reach your main tech from anyplace, keeping workflows steady as spots change. Its support also assists customers across borders. 
  • WhatsApp Communication – WhatsApp and similar chat apps are must-haves for staying simply attached to contacts around the globe. Forums, sharing, and calls let nomaders cooperate no matter how near or far. 
  • External Hard Drive – Backups onto a portable drive help when web speeds vary while traveling. Options like 2TB Seagate guarantee trusted file storage usable from any laptop port. 
  • Portable Power Bank – Life on the go means taking charge of devices away from outlets. Quality power banks ensure gadgets stay fueled when tracking wi-fi cafes or working free of connections for stretches of time. Anker PowerCore has multiple recharges. 
  • Toggl Productivity Tracking – Keeping a tally of work time and individual projects is important for managing billing and duties. Toggl’s tidy interface and reports maximize creation and earnings. 
  • VPN Protection – A VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN secures shaky public Wifis and hides online moves.

They are necessary for safe operations and private web use from wherever nomaders wander. 

These 10 management tools streamline work, organize data, save cash, back up valuable files, join virtually, and shield security traveling between spots.

Using even a few in a routine shows how they can go far keeping you on task on the road.

Gadgets and Gear

Essential Digital Nomad Tools 3

While software tools are useful as remote workers, having reliable gadgets makes all the difference in enjoying a hassle-free digital nomad lifestyle.

Here are some top picks for gadgets that will serve digital nomads well into the new year:

MacBook AirLightweight and powerful for all digital tasks. Responsive performance and long 15hr battery keeps up with a nomadic schedule.
iPhone 13Fast cellular data and great camera quality allows staying connected and documenting adventures seamlessly. Durable device withstands travel wear and tear.
Sony a6400Compact mirrorless camera captures high-quality landscapes, portraits, and videos to share journeys. Features like fast autofocus excel for action shots.
Bose QuietComfort 35 IINoise-cancelling headphones block outside distractions for relaxing or focused work sessions anywhere. Comfortable memory foam and foldable design suits travel.
Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteThin and lightweight e-reader allows enjoying books on the go. Waterproof design means relaxed reading at beaches and by pools.
Anker PowerCore III 10KSleek portable charger can fully charge an iPhone 5+ times or a MacBook once, eliminating low battery stress when outlets are scarce.
Wemo Mini Smart PlugCompact smart plug turns any regular outlet into a programmable or voice-controlled one. Useful for automation like setting workspaces to turn on/off.
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark IIIPocket-sized vlogging camera featuring 4K video, intuitive touchscreen, and powerful 20.1MP sensor makes creating compelling content a snap.
Beats Studio3 WirelessNoise-cancelling over-ear headphones immerse in tunes or calls and the W1 chip pairs easily between Apple devices. 22hr battery stands up to marathons.
GoPro Hero 9 Black Action CameraRenowned for impeccable video quality in even harsh conditions for recording special experiences of a digital nomad lifestyle.

As seen, reliable gadgets empower digital nomads with powerful and portable tools for work, play, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle even while traveling the globe.

Investing in a few quality options can vastly improve productivity and enjoyment over a nomadic journey.

Tips and Tricks for Digital Nomaders

Essential Digital Nomad Tools 4

Becoming a location-free digital nomader needs some plan. (2)

Here are some helpful tips from my travels that can help with regular problems nomanders face.

I share low-cost solutions too. 

  • Master Tools to Talk Distant – Digital tools like Zoom, Slack, and Trello help you stay in touch over time shifts. You can also share your screen to meet face-to-face even if far apart. Try these tools before starting your new routine on the road. 
  • Set Due Dates Right – Keeping track of tasks, due dates, and your time use makes sure the time you spend helps best. Apps like Asana, ClickUp, and Todoist helps you stay on top of deadlines. Video calls also help teamwork without being in the same space. 
  • Edit Pics and Flicks Anyplace – Digital tools from Adobe Creative Cloud let you fix photos, videos, and designs on the go each month. Lightroom makes it simple from laptops while traveling. 
  • Protect and Share Big Files -Dropbox and Google Drive save backups and let you share big documents, shows, videos between devices. Tools that save a terabyte of files make important business tools can go wherever you may roam next.
  • Boost Wifi Wherever – Travel routers with GL-iNet GL-AR750 boost for cafe and station wifis abroad. They create wireless hotspots with security too for steady links at low prices from various places. To close it, digital nomanders can grasp choice through ready communication and tools.

Mastering virtual teamwork helps with success from anywhere that inspires work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some essential tools for digital nomads?

There are many tools that can help digital nomads stay productive and connected while working remotely in different locations.

Some core tools include project management software to keep track of tasks and deadlines, video conferencing apps to conduct virtual meetings with clients or team members across time zones, and communication tools like Slack or Google Chat to stay connected with colleagues.

Tools for time tracking, scheduling, note-taking and document editing are also useful for anyone living a nomadic lifestyle.

What is a good project management tool for digital nomads?

Popular project management software options that… 

… support remote and location-independent working include Asana, Trello, and Basecamp.

They allow digital nomads to organize projects…

… and tasks, assign work, share files, and keep entire teams on the same page…

… no matter where in the world people are currently located.

Many such tools offer both paid business plans and free basic accounts.

How can digital nomads stay productive while traveling?

Some ways for digital nomads to stay productive and connected while traveling include…

… using calendar and scheduling apps to manage their time across…

… different time zones, choosing reliable locations for remote work like…

… coworking spaces and cafes with good WiFi, taking breaks to avoid burnout, and…

… utilizing tools that sync files across devices.

Social media and communication apps also help digital nomads…

… feel less isolated and stay in touch with clients and teammates during their nomadic journey.

What are some good video conferencing tools?

Popular video conferencing apps used by digital nomads include Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and Whereby.

They allow remote teams to easily conduct face-to-face meetings online through computers or mobile devices.

Features like screensharing, recording, and collaboration tools make communication and project work more effective across distances.

Apps like Zoom and Google Meet often offer free basic accounts suitable for most small business needs.

How can digital nomads stay on top of finances while traveling?

Managing money can be challenging when living a nomadic lifestyle in multiple countries.

Tools like digital budgets and accounting software like Wave and QuickBooks, plus…

… money transfer services like TransferWise and Revolut, make it easier…

… for digital nomads to track expenses, pay local bills, and move funds around internationally.

Apps from online banks and credit cards also allow location-independent access to finances from anywhere.

Keeping detailed records is important for taxes and reimbursements.

What are some good coworking spaces for digital nomads?

Coworking spaces are shared work environments that offer…

… reliable high-speed internet, work areas, and sometimes business services…

… ideal for digital nomads needing an alternative to remote work from cafes.

Popular international chains with locations worldwide…

… include WeWork, Impact Hub, Regus, and Industrious.

Local independent spaces often provide a lower-cost option, opportunities…

… to network with other entrepreneurs, and cultural immersion in the local community.

Nomad List and maintain searchable directories…

… to help remote workers find suitable shared offices.

What tools help digital nomads stay organized?

Effective tools for staying organized include cloud-based services…

… for documents, spreadsheets and presentations like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.

Note-taking apps like Evernote, OneNote and Notion help capture and sync links, receipts and other records in one place.

Scheduling and calendar tools keep nomads on track…

… of appointments, bookings and deadlines across time zones.

Digital wallet and passport scanner apps assist with travel documents.

To-do list managers like Todoist and calendar integrations keep lists of tasks synced across devices for maximum productivity.

What are some reliable internet options for digital nomads?

For reliable internet access while traveling, many digital nomads rely on…

… mobile hotspots or portable WiFi devices provided by their wireless carriers, which tap…

… into cellular data networks.

Local SIM cards for a smartphone or hotspot can also provide portable internet in many countries.

For longer-term stays, coworking spaces typically offer strong WiFi, and some short-term rentals include broadband.

Public hotspots in cafes, malls and airports may work in a pinch but connections can be unstable.

Cellular coverage maps can help scout locations for reliable reception areas.


To wrap things up, the digital things, tech, and stuff we talked about…

… can really help you get more work done and have more fun no matter where you go.

Tools to work with others from far away or gadgets that let you…

… be creative anywhere let you be location-free as a digital nomad.

For me, having my pick of places to live comes with planning ahead to get the right helpers.

All of us need different things, but I hope these ideas give you…

… some new choices if you want to try a nomadic life.

Feel free to write in the comments and share your favorite tools…

… for nomads – I want more ideas for my own travels too!



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