Unconventional Careers: Why Do People Want to Be Digital Nomads?

By Stephanie Ansel

Did someone say digital nomad? Well let me tell you, living the laptop lifestyle isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

As someone who braved the unknown and became a digital nomad myself five years ago, allow me to share a few insider tips before embarking on this adventure.

Believe me, digital nomad life comes with its own set of challenges.

For starters, working on the beach while sipping margaritas sounds wonderful, until the WiFi cuts out for the fifth time that hour! Access to reliable internet is crucial as a remote worker.

There was one time in Cambodia where I thought my computer fried from a monsoon storm.

Turns out sticking your laptop in a bowl of rice actually works!

Living out of a suitcase for months on end also takes some getting used to.

From Bangkok backpacking to Bogota bed hopping, I’ve lost count of how many AirBnBs I’ve resided in over the years.

Organization is key when you call multiple cities home.

I even color code my socks now! Thankfully those days of forgetting clean underwear are behind me.

The real challenge though is finding balance amid all the freedom.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of constant travel without proper self-care.

Trust me when I say burnt out isn’t a good look.

Nowadays I make sure to schedule time for relaxation and recharging, whether it’s through meditation, time with locals or an occasional night in.

Want to experience life on the road without the risks of going in unprepared?

Read on to discover my best digital nomad hacks for internet access, long term accommodation and staying sane in any destination.

Your well-being and work depend on it, so pay attention – these tips will take your remote game to the next level.


Why do people want to be digital nomads?

People aspire to be digital nomads for the freedom to work from anywhere and experience diverse cultures and lifestyles while maintaining their careers. (1)

The allure of being a digital nomad stems from the desire for flexible schedules and the opportunity to explore new horizons while earning a living.

What Exactly is a Digital Nomad and How Does It Work?

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Growing up, I always dreamed of traveling the world but never thought I’d find a way to make it a reality.

After college, I discovered the world of digital nomads and it all clicked – here was an opportunity to see new places while still working.

Six years into this lifestyle, I’ve lived in over a dozen cities across four continents!

As someone who’s experienced all that remote work has to offer, let me shed some light on exactly what it means to be a digital nomad.

First things first, you need an internet-based job that allows location independence.

As a freelance writer and online marketer, my work is all computer-based.

So long as I have a good WiFi connection, I can carry out projects and consultations from anywhere.

The growing remote scene has opened doors in countless industries from web development to virtual assistance.

With reliable internet, you’re free to live wherever your heart desires.

Your laptop is your office! Personally, I’ve come to appreciate the laidback island culture of Thailand and fast-paced energy of East Coast cities like New York.

Having full control over where I lay my head each night brings me endless joy.

Of course, flexibility is the true gift.

I work when motivation strikes, whether that’s early mornings or late nights.

Weekends mean exploring new destinations, not being tethered to a 9-5 routine.

The freedom to learn, see unique places and meet interesting people worldwide makes all the hard work worthwhile.

If giving location independence a shot intrigues you, consider testing remote waters first before fully diving in.

Try a “digital vacation” and see how working remotely from a new spot feels.

With careful planning and a little bravery, you too can live the digital nomad dream! Just take it from me after years wandering – it truly is a life unlike any other.

Freedom and Flexibility – The Allure of Location Independence

Why Do People Want to Be Digital Nomads

What exactly is the magic behind the digital nomad allure?

As someone who now calls this unconventional path home, I’ve found two powerful elements truly define the remote experience – freedom and flexibility.

Firstly, living as a digital nomad (2) provides greater freedom.

Freedom to work independently without being tied to a single location or boss.

Greater freedom to set my own hours and structure days as fits my natural energy levels and creativity cycles.

Freedom to experience new places and cultures by living abroad for months at a time in destinations around the world.

Secondly, flexibility is key.

The ability to flex my work schedule allows better balancing work with other priorities like relationships, hobbies and personal growth.

Flexibility to take on projects that intrigue me, not just what an employer dictates.

Career flexibility, pivoting skills and switching paths if a certain path fails to fulfill.

Flexibility of movement, taking mini-breaks when burnout threatens through spontaneous road trips or city escapes.

With freedom and flexibility as my guiding principles, each day offers exciting possibilities.

From co-working on a Costa Rican surf beach to collaborating with global contacts over coffee in Vienna, I’ve truly come to appreciate this fluid yet fulfilling way of life.

For those craving more control and unconventional experiences, the digital nomad path provides just that.

Just be prepared when you’re really going into digital nomad lifestyle.

Can You Really Earn Money and Travel The World? In-Demand Remote Jobs

Why Do People Want to Be Digital Nomads

For years, the idea of traveling full-time and making money along the way felt like nothing more than a pipe dream.

But as a digital nomad of 5 years now, I can assure any skeptics out there that yes – it is entirely possible to earn a living from your laptop while exploring the world.

There are manyRemote opportunities available for go-getters wanting to embrace life on the road.

Some careers ideal for nomads include coding andwebsite development.

As a remote developer myself, I’ve taken projects from coast to coast abroad.

Coders are in high demand, ensuring steady work wherever an internet connection exists.

Graphic designers also find flexibility designing for clients across time zones.

Social media managers run entiremarketing campaigns from the road too.

Writers like myself thrive as digital nomads,freelancing for publications worldwide.

Capable writers canblog or freelance about30 hours weekly to earn a full salary remotely.

Teaching English online is a favored option for those with a degree.

Companies like VIPKid allow instructors to set their own schedule teaching kids in China.

Other work-from-anywhere options range from virtual assistance andbookkeepingto transcribing and translating.

The possibilities are vast, so research careers harnessing tech and communication skills for best mobile earning potential.

With the right remote job and an entrepreneurial spirit, living out a traveler’s dream becomes a reality.

keep an open mind and see where your skills might transfer outside traditional walls.

Your world is waiting!

Going From 9-to-5 to Laptop Lifestyle: How To Make The Transition

For those ready to ditch their desks for good, transitioning to full-time remote work does require some mindset shifts.

As someone who successfully made the leap years ago, adjustments like these became second nature.

Establishing your freelance lifestyle upfront helps avoid setbacks.

Have cash reserves for slow months and healthcare coverage.

Also consider distributing your income across international bank accounts for borderless access.

Self-discipline is key without rigid schedulesdictating your days.

Set daily goals and reward progress to stayfocused.

Disconnects help too – I schedule offline time for exploring without distractions.

Marketing yourself as a solopreneur requires different strategies vs working for a company.

Develop your online brandthrough blogging tutorials, social networks, and your website portfolio.

These are your new resumebuilding blocks for attracting clients anywhere.

To thrive remotely longterm, build stable client relationships on deliveringquality work promptly andkindly.

Also respect your limits – don’t burn out chasingunsustainable workloads just for travel freedom.

The digital nomad lifestyle takes some adjustments butoffers rewards conventional careers can’t match.

With focus and grit, you truly can live and work without borders!

Planning Your Route: Top Destinations for Digital Nomads in 2023

As a five-year veteran digital nomad, I’ve explored countries across several continents in search of inspiring remote work locales.

Based on my global experiences and research, here are some top destinations any location independent entreprenuer should bookmark for 2023.

Hands down, Bali, Indonesia offers unbeatable lifestyle quality for your money.

With co-working havens like Hubud, scenic rice fields, and some of the friendliest people around, it’s no wonder thousands flock here yearly.

Just watch out for rainy seasons!

Another Southeast Asian gem, Chiang Mai in Thailand consistently ranks high for affordability andconnectivity.

Adventure callings will love the outdoor leisure alongside bustling tech communities to plug into.

Europe calls digital nomads too of course.

I adored Portugal’s coastal capital of Lisbon for its blend of old-world charm and new economy ventures.

Low taxes there are a sweet bonus!

Medellin, Colombia might be the most progressive city in South America, but don’t sleep on Panama either with its strategic location and neutral bureaucracy.

Some emerging areas capturing more remote attention include Tbilisi, Georgia and Bucharest, Romania providing eastern European flavor at a value.

Wherever your laptop leads in 2023, research costs thoroughly beforehand and consider long-stay visas to truly settle into a place’s rhythm.

The world awaits your remote contribution!

Managing Logistics on the Road: Banking, Insurance, Staying Connected

While lifestyle freedom draws many to the digital nomad life, success relies on proper logistical planning.

As someone who’s experienced both organizational blunders and strategic triumphs abroad, here are essentials I recommend setting in order before embarking long-term:

Banking is key, so find accounts offering borderless online access, foreign transaction fee refunds, and zero ATM charges overseas.

International money transfers like Wise or TransferWise are godsends too.

Travel insurance tailored for digital nomads provides key coverage like equipment repair/replacement, medical costs and liability protection while working remotely in multiple countries.

A reliable Wifi strategy depends on needs – I suggest a trial run first to assess optimal options between hotspots, local eSIMs or VPNs.

Signal strength varies wildly globally after all.

Be selective setting up automated bills from the get-go.

Constant address changes complicate things, so research flexible payees if possible.

Lastly, incorporate back-up plans like multiple forms of ID (photocopied passport pages saved online too!), overseas contacts, and evacuation routes just in case emergencies strike away from home.

Peace of mind allows smoother wandering!

Building Community: How Digital Nomads Avoid Isolation and Loneliness

Building a strong community is essential for avoiding isolation and loneliness as I embark on my digital nomad journey.

As digital nomads, we often find ourselves constantly on the move, living in different cities or even countries, which can make it challenging to establish connections and find a sense of belonging.

However, building a supportive community is crucial for our well-being and overall happiness.

The digital nomad community offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who understand the challenges and joys of this lifestyle.

Online platforms such as forums, social media groups, and networking events provide avenues for us to meet fellow digital nomads who share similar interests and experiences.

These connections can lead to meaningful friendships, collaborations, and invaluable support networks.

Beyond online communities, joining co-working spaces or attending meetups specific to digital nomads can also help alleviate feelings of isolation.

These spaces foster an environment where we can engage with others face-to-face, exchange knowledge and resources, and cultivate a sense of camaraderie.

Moreover, actively participating in local communities wherever we go allows us to form connections beyond our digital nomad bubble.

Engaging with locals through volunteering opportunities or taking part in local activities not only enriches our experiences but also helps us build lasting relationships outside of the digital nomad realm.


In conclusion, the rise of digital nomads is not just a passing trend; it is a lifestyle choice that offers freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to explore the world while earning a living.

Contrary to popular belief, being a digital nomad is not all about lounging on tropical beaches with a laptop.

It requires careful planning, adaptability, and resourcefulness.

However, for those who are willing to make the transition from traditional work structures to the laptop lifestyle, the rewards are abundant.

So if you have ever dreamed of working remotely while traveling the globe, becoming a digital nomad may just be your ticket to an unconventional yet fulfilling career path.


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