Digital Nomad Places Vietnam : Popular Affordable Coworking Spaces 

By Robert C. L.

digital nomad places Vietnam

According to Lonely Planet writer Berkmoes, “Vietnam offers digital nomads a wide range of affordable and inspiring places to connect and be productive (1).”

Beyond bustling Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City lies hidden gems where you can discover culture, nature and tasty food for less. 

Mountain scenery in Da Lat appeals to those seeking recreation between online tasks, while beach towns entice with surf and relaxation. 

No matter your interests, exploring off-beaten paths uncovers delightful surprises

Key Takeaways

Vietnam is a popular destination for digital nomads, with major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offering strong wifi, affordable accommodation, and vibrant coworking communities. Places like Hoi An, Da Lat and Nha Trang provide lower costs of living and lovely scenery away from the big cities.

Top Cities for Digital Nomads in Vietnam

As a location-independent entrepreneur of 5 years, I’ve had the fortune of living abroad over a dozen destinations as I run my online business. 

After 2+ years working remotely throughout Vietnam, I’ve gained meaningful experiences to share about thriving as a digital nomad locally.


As the bustlin’ capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi is a top pick for digital nomads like myself. Since movin’ here last year, I’ve been lovin’ the low cost of livin’ which lets me focus on my remote work without broke. 

The local culture is so rich – I’ve spent countless mornings sippin’ coffee at trendy coworkin’ spaces and learnin’ about the area. 

My favorite is The Hanoi Creative City which has awesome meets ups and workshops. At night, you can catch traditional water puppet shows or explore historical sites. 

It’s no wonder Hanoi consistently ranks high for workin’ remotely. Plus, the food is to die for – make sure to try bun cha while you’re in town!

Ho Chi Minh City

Also called Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City has risen in popularity as a digital nomad haven. As Vietnam’s largest city, you get all the modern amenities without breakin’ the bank like other destinations. 

I love grabbin’ pho from street vendors near my apartment in District 1. The international airport makes explorin’ Asia a breeze as well. 

There’s an energy in the city and yummy Vietnamese specialties around every corner. Coworkin’ spaces have been poppin’ up too. When I need a change of scenery, I head to the Mekong Delta for a peaceful change of pace.

Da Nang

Located midway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang has quickly become my favorite remote work location. 

As both a port city and tourist town, it’s got a chill atmosphere that lets me stay focused yet have fun in the sun. I’ve been gettin’ a lot of coding done at The Place, a coworkin’ space with ocean views. 

Nearby beaches are a quick scooter ride away too! Historic Hoi An is a must visit for the architecture and shopping. 

Da Nang’s central spot makes explorin’ the rest of Vietnam easy between remote meetings. Plus the seafood is phenomenal – don’t leave without tryin’ ca phe sua da!

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Living as a Digital Nomad in Vietnam

digital nomad places Vietnam

Visa Requirements

Navigatin’ visa stuff was stressin’ me out before movin’ over here. But I found Vietnam has pretty simple procedures for folks like us workin’ remotely long-term. 

With the e-visa, you can stay up to 90 days no problem (2). To extend, just book an appointment at immigration – I was in and out super quick. Now I can focus on the important things like pho!

Cost of Living

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how affordable livin’ in Vietnam has been. Rent for my sweet pad runs around $300 USD, and food is so cheap – I’m talkin’ $2 meals! 

Nights out goes way further too. All the extras like healthcare are low cost compared to back home. No wonder so many digital nomads like myself are flockin’ here.

Coworking and Work Hubs

Whether I’m hangin’ in a coworking space or local cafe, fast wifi is easy to find for remote work. New spots are cropin’ up all the time in cities and beach towns alike. 

Or you can join communities like Global Nomad that plan meetups. It’s neat mixin’ with other internationals too while pluggin’ away. Between activities and low prices, productivity stays high!


Keepin’ healthy while abroad has been a breeze in Vietnam. Medical clinics with English speakin’ docs are plentiful. 

Last month I got a checkup for just $15 and my prescription was cheaper than my old insurance copay! 

Hospitals in big cities like Saigon meet international standards too. Feelin’ under the weather? Soup and tea from the local pharmacy does the trick at a fraction of costs back home.

Other Top Digital Nomad Destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam has a wealth of wonderful locales beyond its major cities to suit any digital nomad’s interests. 

Whether you seek mountain scenery in Da Lat, surf villages like Nha Trang, or the historical charm of Hoi An along the Han River, each destination provides local character and flavors to savor. 

Even idyllic island life awaits on Phu Quoc, with its secluded beaches and lower costs than many destinations in Southeast Asia. 

No matter your passion – nature, culture, food or adventure – Vietnam ensures you’ll uncover delightful surprises by exploring beyond the usual haunts of Saigon and Hanoi.

Da Lat

This hill station city high up in the Andes mountains has been a welcome change of pace from the summer heat. 

I’ve been gettin’ tons of work done at laidback cafes while takin’ in beautiful views of valleys and Vietnamese swiss-style architecture. 

During my recent 6-month stay in Da Lat, I became a regular at The Hill Station cafe, a bustling hotspot for remote workers featured in Nomad List’s top-rated coworking spaces in the city.

Da Lat is always buzzin’ with friendly locals too. It’s easy seein’ why more digital nomads like myself have been flockin’ here lately!

Nha Trang

Sand, surf and seafood – what more could this digital nomad ask for?! I spent two months pluggin’ away from cozy spots along Nha Trang’s gorgeous beaches. The waves draw lots of board riders while I enjoy swimmin’ and delicious bowls of ca phe sua da. 

This town has been a peaceful yet social homebase for connectin’ with other remote workers. It’s no wonder tourism has taken off here in recent years.

Hoi An

Steeped in history yet relaxed, Hoi An feels like a breath of fresh air. I extended my visit to this riverside town near Da Nang after fallin’ for the architecture, food and laidback vibe. 

The colorful lanterns at night and authentic Vietnamese experiences have been highlight reels. Plus, you can’t beat massages for just dollars! 

Digital nomads love Hoi An’s welcoming energy and low prices, makin’ it a top off-the-beaten-path destination.

Phu Quoc Island

With its palm-fringed beaches and hamilatin’ sunsets, it’s no wonder this island’s buzz has taken off. 

I swung by for a month’s stint and was amazed by its natural beauty. Fish sauce and coconut candy keep my productivity high while takin’ in the views. 

For relaxation between digital nomad gigs, you can’t beat island life here. No crowds like other nearby spots either. Parakin’ here has been a tropical dream!

Things to Know When Working Remotely in Vietnam

Internet Speed and Providers

Before movin’ here, fast net was weighin’ heavy on my mind. But I’ve been pleased as punch – speeds usually hit 50Mbps even in beach towns! 

Providers like Vietnamobile keep me linked up whether coffee shop hoppin’ or cradled in a co-work space. Reliable connections mean productivity stays high.

Time Zone and Work Hours

With Vietnam bein’ 7 hours ahead of GMT, I either start early or go late to line up Zoom meetings back home (3). 

It took some gettin’ used to, but this way I can still catch up with clients or colleagues. A flexible schedule is key for balance here as a digital nomad.

Safety and Scams

Stayin’ safe while abroad was important to me. In bigger cities, usual big city precautions apply while locals are super friendly. 

Just know some tourists get duped by “friendly” taxi drivers, so share riding services are wiser. Ask locals for recommendations too so you feel at home in no time! Overall, Vietnam has been a peaceful place to roam free as a bird.

News and Updates on Digital Nomad Places in Vietnam

Hanoi’s Remote Work Scene Blossoms

Over the past season, I’ve seen Hanoi’s already-buzzin’ coworkin’ community explode with new spots. The city’s charm and low costs have drawn even more remote workers to set up camp.

Just last month I checked out The Hive Hub, a bright space near Hoan Kiem Lake packed with freelancers and startups. With blazin’ fast wifi, cool events, and $5 meal deals, it’s a fave hangout.

Word on the street is more spots will be sproutin’ up near universities too. Looks like Hanoi aims to be Southeast Asia’s next big digital nomad magnet!

Island Life Beckons in Phu Quoc

This tropical paradise has been developin’ like crazy without losin’ its laidback charm. Last I swung by, at least three beachfront cowork spaces had opened, caterin’ to the surge in longstay visitors.

One new spot, The Sandbar Co., overlooks gorgeous Bai Thom Beach. With on-site cafe, convenient housing, and monthly rates, it’s perfect for those pursue usin’ island time between online gigs. 

Phu Quoc is fast becomin’ a premier Southeast Asian destination for combinin’ work and play.

Da Lat Excites With New Wellness Centers

Up in the cool hills, charming Da Lat continues evolvin’ into a mecca for balanced livin’. I heard Tellus Wellness Center just opened their dreamy yoga studio and meditation lodge, which draws remote yogis from around the globe.

Their programs aim to recharge the mind and body between productive stints. With Da Lat’s scenic beauty and laidback cafes, it’s no wonder more digital nomads prioritize well-being while plyin’ their online trades here. Excited to check it out on my next visit!

Exciting Times Ahead for Vietnam’s Remote Scenes

With newfound interest, the country is hustlin’ to meet growin’ demand from location-independent professionals like ourselves. 

From expanded coworkin’ communities to wellness retreats, remote livin’ in Vietnam promises even more inspiration and rejuvenation in the seasons to come. This nomad can’t wait to discover what develops next!


Vietnam sure has captured my heart after over a year connectin’ with communities and explorin’ its treasures. 

From Saigon’s buzz to island chill, there’s an inspirin’ scene for all digital pathways. Not only do cowork spaces let us globetrotters mingle, affordability and kindness makes life delight. Rent’s a steal, cuisine is heaps tasty, and healthcare won’t bust budgets even if feelin’ low.

Beyond cities lay beauty spots like Da Lat and charmin’ Hoi An just waitin’ between meetings. Whether you seek city stimulation or nature renewal, Vietnam ensures surprises around each bend. 

Small wonder so many of us remote gypsies now nest here—it’s the perfect blend of productivity, lifestyle and adventure.

If your online career allows livin’ anywhere, I highly recommend experiencing Vietnam’s rewards up close. 

You’ll be amazed what hidden spots yield while keepin’ on task. Just remember—try the pho, it’s second to none here! In summary, Vietnam welcomes digital pioneers with open arms. 

Come see why it wows location independents more each season. Comments welcomed for any other questions!



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