The Top 7 Undiscovered Digital Nomad Surf Destinations You Need to See Before Everyone Else !

By Robert C. L.

According to Cali Murdock, “Digital nomad surf destinations offer consistent, world-class waves combined with thriving remote working communities.”

Struggling after an ill-planned move showed me that balancing remote work and surfing requires preparation. 

In this concise guide, I share how to choose the best home base for both pursuits from the start. 

My simple vetting process sets you up for successfully living your digital nomad surfing dream immediately without difficulties. Keep reading for my insider tips.

Key Takeaways

Digital nomad surf destinations are locations that offer reliable internet for remote work alongside consistent surf breaks, allowing digital nomads to balance their surfing and digital lifestyle. Popular spots include Bali, Morocco, and Portugal.

How to Find the Perfect Digital Nomad Surf Destinations

Whether you’re a digital nomad, remote worker or simply seeking the best surf, living near your favorite spots is ideal. Here’s how to find top surf destinations that support the digital nomad lifestyle.

Consider Logistical Factors

Research internet speeds, cost of living and visa situations in potential destinations using searches like digital nomad Costa Rica. 

Assess if infrastructure supports remote work. Budgeting is crucial – price out daily expenses versus housing. Check top spots’ seasons too as weather affects waves and lifestyle.

Popular Surf Destination: Costa Rica

A top digital nomad surfing locale is Costa Rica due to quality year-round surf, infrastructure and landscape (1). Locations like Nosara offer consistent overhead waves for all skill levels. Nearby towns provide alternates too. With warm weather and supportive communities, it’s ideal. Reliable and fast internet via Starlink even enhances the remote worker experience.

Balance Lifestyle with Waves

Chat forums seeking “best digital nomad surf communities” provide real perspectives. Assess match of local vibe, amenities and social opportunities versus surf quality. Trail stays help test the daily reality versus online images to prevent commitment errors.

Trust research and trial runs

Maximize your digital nomad remote working potential by living amidst quality surf breaks. With due diligence on surf spots and logistics research using related keywords, you can land in your perfect surfing utopia while getting paid to play.

7 Top Digital Nomad Surf Destinations Around the World

Cape Town, South Africa

digital nomad surf destinations

Perched on the southern tip of Africa, Cape Town is renowned as one of the top surfing destinations for digitalnomads thanks to its gorgeous coastlines, temperate weather, and world-class waves. 

Home to infamous breaks like Muizenberg and Point Vedic, Cape Town offers surf ALL YEAR for remote workers looking for a digitalnomad destination where they can surf regularly, thanks to its coastal location where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. 

Digital nomads love Cape Town for its low cost of living, safety, infrastructure, and plethora of coworking spaces like The Dogpatch and Heat Hub. The food is incredible too – don’t leave without trying biltong! 

Cape Town is consistently rated a top surf spot and best place for digital nomads in south Africa.

Byron Bay, Australia

digital nomad surf destinations

Byron Bay is synonymous with the surfer lifestyle down under. Flights from cities like Sydney and Melbourne are just over an hour, making this hippie town very accessible and appealing to digitalnomads in search of a surfdestination close to major cities. 

World class waves like The Pass and Clarkes attract top surfers, while breaks like Wategos are perfect for learners of all skill levels. 

As one of the sunniest places on Earth with iconic beaches, Byron Bay is a magnet for remote workers looking to work remotely near great surf locations. Rentals might be pricey here though for digital nomads on a budget.

Montanita, Ecuador

digital nomad surf destinations

Located on Ecuador’s southern Pacific coast, Montanita is a well-known digitalnomad hotspot and surf destination known for its consistent beach breaks and fun, friendly village vibe. 

Waves are best from June-September when swells roll in from the Galapagos Islands, offering surfing opportunities for remote workers year-round. 

With reliable internet, Montanita has become a mecca for digital nomads thanks to co-working hubs like LACMA and cheaper rents than North America. 

As a surf town on the cheap, Montanita appeals to those working online yet wanting regular access to beginner-friendly surf spots.

Taghazout, Morocco

digital nomad surf destinations

On Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast is the hidden village of Taghazout, renowned among surfers and digital nomads for its powerful point breaks and welcoming local surf community. 

Waves are best in summer and winter when swell windows open up, providing surfing opportunities for remote workers seasonally. 

Taghazout’s remote location lends to an unplugged, relaxed pace of life that attracts digital nomads looking to escape, work remotely, and surf regularly at some of the best breaks in Morocco. 

Renting a riad apartment with a sea view and sunset sessions make this an ultimate surf-focused digital nomad destination.

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

digital nomad surf destinations

Located on Bali’s southwest coast, Canggu has exploded in popularity among digital nomads seeking an island surf paradise with top surf spots like Batu Bolong and Echo Beach (2). 

Home to families of monkeys and legendary waves that can be surfed nearly year-round, Canggu offers near-perfect waves for digital nomads looking for consistency.

As Bali’s hub for co-working and remote living, Canggu has everything remote workers need – strong wifi, cafes, gyms, and weekly surf lessons to improve one’s skills. 

The thriving artisanal community and nightlife give Canggu a vibrant, international feel attractive to digital nomads.

Siargao, Philippines

digital nomad surf destinations

Often called the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”, Siargao has emerged as one of the best places for surfing and living as a digital nomad in recent years. 

As an intermediate surfer myself who has spent the last 3 winter seasons living and surfing in Siargao, I’ve had an amazing time catching waves of all kinds at spots like Cloud 9. 

The reef breaks offer thrilling barrels for advanced surfers from December through February while the sandy beach breaks are perfect for beginners to hone their skills from March to May.. 

Siargao’s low cost of living, reliable wifi access, and healthy surf lifestyle make it ideal for remote workers seeking affordable beachfront living in a dedicated surf community.

Ericeira, Portugal

digital nomad surf destinations

A charming coastal village about an hour north of Lisbon, Ericeira has taken off among digital nomads seeking European surf culture and top surf spots like Ribeira D’Ilhas. 

With consistent shorebreak and point breaks providing fun surf nearly all year, Ericeira offers digital nomads a remote European experience in a friendly community. 

As a laidback surf town where foreigners blend seamlessly into the local life, Ericeira is a top surf and digital nomad destination in Portugal.

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Additional Digital Nomad Surf Destinations Worth Considering

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

For consistent, untouched waves in a tropical paradise, the Mentawais are considered one of the top surf destinations in the world. 

With surf from April through November, this remote archipelago delivers perfect barrels at legendary spots like Lances Right. 

The vibe here fosters a strong sense of digital nomad community among visiting surfing digitals. 

Renting a bamboo bungalow along the secluded beaches, you’ll spend your days surfing with a few others in stunning scenery. This makes it a prime spot for those wishing to unplug and surf in paradise for the long term.

El Tunco, El Salvador

Located on Central America’s Pacific coast, the surf town of El Tunco has emerged as a prime digital nomad hotspot (3). With world-class waves like Seaside peeling daily, it offers a budget-friendly alternative to SoCal. 

Excellent internet access, coworking spaces, and affordable rentals enable the digital nomad lifestyle here. 

Beginner to advanced surfers will find numerous bestsurfspots suitable for all levels nearly every day, supporting the growing surfing digital community.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

On Mexico’s Oaxaca coast, Puerto Escondido lures surfing digital nomads with its powerful, hollow reef breaks like the Pipeline. 

Surf pumps consistently from November through May. Remote workers have discovered affordable, spacious rentals directly on Zicatela Beach for the long term surf lifestyle. 

A blossoming community and working spaces have established Puerto as a premiere destination for surf-focused digital nomads.

Hossegor, France

Hossegor draws a growing number of European surfingdigital nomads yearly thanks to its championship-level wave and dry winters with consistent surf. 

Digital nomads have embraced Hossegor’s tranquil off-season vibe, affordable housing and proximity to excellent coworkingspaces suited for remote productivity and an active surfing lifestyle.

Gold Coast, Australia

Over 70 miles of Australia’s Gold Coast beaches provide an exhilarating range of high-performance bestsurfspots for experienced surfers year-round at spots like Burleigh Heads. 

Coupled with affordable real estate, quick airport access and a thriving regional digital economy, the Gold Coast has become a popular digitalnomad hotspot for Australian digital workers.

Newquay, United Kingdom

Situated on England’s northern Atlantic coast, Newquay has transformed in recent years as a surf town welcoming an influx of surfing digital nomads. 

With reliable surf nearly daily on breaks like Fistral, digital nomads have breathed new life into the town. 

Affordable housing and an engaged local digital nomad community foster an epic European surf town experience.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach is emerging as an accessible digital nomad hotspot among inland urban surfing digitals, with world-class best surf spots like Shell Island nearly daily. 

Growing coworking spaces coupled with reasonable cost of living and developing sense of community among remote workers make Panama City Beach an optimal Florida surf and work locale.


What are some of the best destinations for digital nomads who also enjoy surfing?

Some of the top digital nomad surfing destinations include Santa Teresa, Costa Rica which offers consistent surf all year round as well as a thriving digital nomad community. 

Other destinations include Bocas del Toro, Panama and Ericeira, Portugal which have regular swells, nice beaches, coworking spaces, and a great surfing and digital nomad culture. 

Sri Lanka is another island of the gods that provides natural beauty, an epic surf scene, and reliable internet connectivity making it a perfect blend for those seeking the best of both worlds.

What should I consider when choosing a digital nomad surf destination?

When choosing a destination, consider if it offers year round surfing or consistent swells certain times of the year. 

Look for destinations with a strong digital nomad community that has coworking spaces, networking events, and amenities for working remotely long term. 

Vibrant surf and beach cultures, reliable and fast internet connectivity, low costs of living, pristine beaches and incredible waves are also good factors to research before choosing your new surfing destination for an extended stay.

Is it feasible to find surf spots near coworking spaces?

In many top digital nomad surf destinations, you’ll find an excellent blend of surf breaks located very near thriving coworking communities, making it feasible to sneak in surf sessions even on busy working days. 

Destinations like Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, Taghazout, Morocco, Bali, Indonesia and Ericeira, Portugal feature world class reef, beach and point breaks within close proximity to popular shared workspaces, cafes and communities for digital nomads and remote workers. 

With a little research, it’s definitely possible to optimizeLocations for both surfing and working remotely.

How can I ensure stable internet when traveling to different locations for surfing?

When traveling between surf spots, it’s important to carefully research internet connectivity options for each destination in advance. 

Popular areas tend to have reliable high-speed wireless networks through major providers as more digital nomads frequent spots like Santa Teresa, Bali, Nicaragua and El Salvador. 

In more remote areas, consider portable mobile hotspots or invest in a plan with an international carrier that has coverage at your destinations. 

You may also need a backup plan like a satellite device, buying a local SIM card or using cafes/coworking spaces on days when quality bandwidth is uncertain from your accommodation. 

With proper planning, most spots can accommodate digital work even with continuous traveling for surf.

What are some good digital nomad surf spots in Central and South America?

Central and South America offer an abundance of top surf spots that also accommodate digital nomads well. 

In Central America, popular destinations like Santa Teresa, Nosara, and Tamarindo in Costa Rica as well as Boquete, Panama and Taganga, Colombia provide amazing surf blended with thriving coworking communities. 

Further South, regions such as Máncora, Pichilemu,and Puerto Escondido deliver world class surfing alongside thriving surf/digital nomad cultures and reliable work infrastructure for digital visitors across social media platforms and websites. 

With natural beauty, consistent swells and a plethora of amenities, these make wonderful spots to experience surfing and working from the tropics.

What equipment do I need to both surf and work as a digital nomad?

The basic equipment needed for both surfing and working remotely includes a laptop or tablet for work, a board or rentals for surfing, and a portable charger or battery pack. 

You’ll also want suitable clothing for both tasks like rash guards, shorts, and quick dry towels. Additional accessories can include a waterproof carrying bag or case for electronics, small peripherals for productivity, and travel gear like portable WiFi hotspots. 

It’s also good to invest in items such as sunscreen, a drone for aerial shots if using visual media, and comfortable headphones to aid focus during busy workdays near the surf. 

With the right lightweight gear tailored to your specific needs, balancing both surf and work is very achievable.


Ultimately, with proper planning and research on destinations using keywords around surfing and remote work infrastructure, digital nomads can thrive in amazing places with world-class waves daily. 

Invest in mobile connectivity and equipment to enable both pursuits concurrently. And immerse in the local communities to experience fulfillment living the surfing digital nomad dream. 

Through trail testing locales using these tips, you’ll seamlessly balance work and play long-term, riding waves in paradise worry-free.

Have you discovered an epic digital nomad surf spot worth sharing? Comment below on your favorite destinations around the globe to live and ride waves remotely. 

What locations provide the ideal blend of surf and work infrastructure in your experience? Tell us about the community vibes, internet speeds, housing costs and quality of waves at your top digital nomad surfing paradises.



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