Nomadic Souls: What Kind of People Become Digital Nomads?

By Stephanie Ansel

Want to live life on your own terms, making your own hours and exploring the world? Then the digital nomad lifestyle could be for you!

As a longtime nomad myself, let me give you the inside scoop on the type of adventurous souls who thrive in this world.

Before you pack your bags, here are some things to know:

First, flexibility is key.

To live this mobile lifestyle, you need to handle uncertainty and constant change.

Spontaneity is part of the journey!

You also need fierce self-motivation.

Without an office or boss, you must be able to structure your own days and stay focused.

Procrastinators beware!

Finally, curiosity and openness help you adapt to new cultures.

Digital nomads get immersed in places most tourists never see.

An intrepid spirit is a must!

Intrigued so far? Read on to unlock secrets of the nomadic lifestyle, from the jobs that translate overseas to how people take the leap.

Join me for a glimpse into the world of digital nomads – you just may discover your inner gypsy soul!

We’ll cover what personality traits allow nomads to thrive, flexible jobs you can do from anywhere, and tips to get started on this path to freedom.

I’ll even throw in some hilarious stories from my travels!

By the end, you’ll know if you have what it takes to join the ranks of these daring trailblazers.

Living life on your terms awaits…if you dare.


What kind of people become digital nomads?

Digital nomads come from diverse backgrounds, encompassing people of different ages, professions, and interests, united by a desire for flexibility, adventure, and the ability to work remotely. (1)

What Personality Traits Help You Thrive as a Digital Nomad?

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Source: Traveling with Kristin

As an experienced digital nomad, I’ve learned that certain personality traits really help you thrive in this adventurous lifestyle.

Let me give you the lowdown on the key qualities that allow nomads like me to embrace life on the road fully:

First and foremost, flexibility and adaptability are absolutely essential.

You’ve gotta be comfortable with uncertainty and ready to roll with the punches when plans change.

Whether it’s dealing with spotty internet connections in remote locales or adjusting to major time zone changes, being adaptable keeps you from getting flustered.

You also need to have fierce self-motivation and discipline.

Without a boss watching over your shoulder, you must be able to structure your own days and push yourself to meet deadlines and achieve goals.

Procrastination stations won’t last long as nomads!

Additionally, strong communication skills are vital for succeeding as a digital nomad.

You’ll constantly be networking with potential clients worldwide, collaborating with remote teams across borders, or navigating challenges at your travel destinations.

Having the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is crucial.

Finally, adopting a growth mindset allows you to view challenges as opportunities for learning.

Things like unfamiliar technology, language barriers, or workflow disruptions become chances to expand your skills rather than obstacles.

This mindset of flexibility keeps you evolving professionally as a digital nomad.

Cultivating this mix of adaptability, discipline, communication chops, and grit will set you up for success in the exciting world of nomadic working!

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Do Remotely as a Digital Nomad?

What Kind of People Become Digital Nomads 2

One of the best perks of being a digital nomad is that your office can be anywhere! Let’s explore some of the most popular remote work options for location-independent professionals: (2)

Freelancing is a common route for nomads.

Fields like writing, graphic design, web development, digital marketing, and consulting can all be done freelance for clients worldwide.

The variety and flexibility make it ideal for nomads.

Providing virtual assistance is also a great option.

As more companies go fully remote, demand has boomed for virtual assistants to handle admin tasks like scheduling, data entry, customer service, and more.

Teaching English online has taken off for nomads thanks to e-learning platforms.

You can craft lessons and instruct students globally through video chat programs.

Other subjects like math, music, and computer skills can be taught this way too.

Software developers and programmers are in high demand worldwide for remote work.

Using collaboration tools and version control systems allows dev teams to coordinate projects from anywhere.

The rise of remote jobs has been a total game-changer, creating endless new possibilities for digital nomads.

With just a laptop and a WiFi connection, you really can work from anywhere!

How Do Most People Get Started on the Digital Nomad Path

What Kind of People Become Digital Nomads 2

How did I make the transition from a 9-to-5 office worker to a globe-trotting digital nomad?

Here’s the inside scoop on how most nomads get their start:

It often begins with a longing for freedom and adventure beyond the confines of traditional work structures.

Trading in a life of routine for new experiences and flexible schedules has immense appeal.

Tapping into digital nomad communities can provide invaluable connections and resources.

These hubs allow you to link up with fellow nomads, discover remote job leads, and get your key questions answered by experienced travelers.

Certain cities have also become hugely popular launchpads for first-time nomads thanks to their infrastructure, vibrant communities, and abundant resources.

Top bases like Chiang Mai, Medellin, and Lisbon cater extensively to location-independent workers.

But more than anything, cultivating time management and organizational skills is crucial when embarking on this lifestyle.

Learning to structure your own days, prioritize tasks efficiently, and achieve work-life balance takes some honing for new nomads.

By laying this groundwork of skills and mindset, just about anyone can successfully make the jump into digital nomad life! It takes effort, but the rewards are immense.

What Motivates People to Pursue the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

So what makes digital nomads take the leap into this nontraditional lifestyle? Based on my experiences, here are some of the top motivators:

Business owners realize technology allows them to effectively run operations remotely rather than from a central office.

Location independence is a game changer.

Strong communication skills enable nomads to collaborate with team members and clients all over the world.

Technology facilitates it.

Natural leadership abilities translate well into managing remote teams and projects.

Nomads know how to engage and inspire.

Problem-solving becomes a way of life when navigating new cultures, technologies, and environments daily.

Nomads constantly exercise these mental muscles.

Of course, underlying it all is a deep craving for autonomy and adventure.

By embracing these motivators and skills, digital nomads find both professional success and personal fulfillment in their travels!

What are the Demographics of Today’s Digital Nomads?

The digital nomad lifestyle appeals to a diverse range of people, not just the flashpacker stereotype! Here’s a look at who’s joining the remote work revolution:

Millennials and Gen Zers eager for freedom and flexibility are jumping aboard, opting to work and travel rather than climb corporate ladders.

But it’s not just the youth! Established mid-career professionals and retirees also see huge appeal in location independence.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, designers, programmers – remote work knows no boundaries when it comes to professions.

Co-living spaces and nomad conferences make it easy to link up with fellow nomads across generations and industries.

While once a niche concept, location-independent living is now accessible to almost anyone with the right mindset and internet connection!

What Challenges Do Digital Nomads Face On the Road?

The digital nomad life certainly isn’t always sunshine and rainbows! Here are some of the most common struggles that nomads encounter:

Finding fast, reliable internet and power sources can be a headache, especially in off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Connectivity is crucial.

Securing suitable workspaces like co-working spots can be hit or miss depending on your location.

Desks quickly fill up!

Maintaining healthy work-life balance is an ongoing challenge without set office hours.

Avoiding burnout takes real effort.

The social scene can be tough as an introvert or solo traveler.

Making authentic connections and avoiding loneliness takes work.

But the upsides often outweigh the frustrations for most nomads! By being nimble and resourceful, we overcome the hurdles of this lifestyle.

Do Digital Nomads Tend to Settle Down Eventually or Stay Mobile?

So do digital nomads stay peripatetic forever, or do they eventually plant roots? Well, the verdict is mixed on that one! Here are the trends I’ve observed:

Some location-independent workers do opt to settle in one spot for 1-2 years, especially when they have steady client work lined up there.

But wanderlust eventually sets in again!

Other nomads can’t stand the thought of staying put too long.

They relish the excitement of constant change and new environments.

Mobility is freedom.

Countries realizing the economic benefits of nomads are now offering long-term visas designed just for remote workers.

This makes extended travels easier.

At the end of the day, the beauty of this lifestyle is the freedom to choose your own adventure.

Whether that means roaming indefinitely or putting up temporary roots, the choice is yours.


After diving into the world of digital nomads, it’s clear that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

It takes a certain kind of person to thrive as a nomad – someone who is adaptable, self-motivated, and willing to embrace uncertainty.

The freedom and flexibility that comes with being location-independent is undoubtedly appealing, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges.

From finding remote work opportunities to dealing with loneliness on the road, digital nomads face unique obstacles along their journey.

However, for those who have the courage to take the leap, the rewards can be immeasurable.

As they say, ‘the world is your oyster,’ and digital nomads are certainly taking advantage of that.



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